Brain Lord – PA90

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Brain Lord Super NES SNESIn this installment we’re exploring the soundtrack of an overlooked SNES Action-RPG released in 1994, titled: Brain Lord. It was developed by Produce! in conjunction with a sound group called Opus, and published by Enix for the Super Nintendo (or Super Famicom).

Composed by Masanao Akahori, the game has a totally catchy soundtrack and some truly wonderful moments that were clearly inspired by 80’s Pop and Rock. Join in as we take a step into the town of Arcs with Remeer and friends.

Track List:

0:00:00 Dragon Legend
0:08:17 Town of Arcs
0:16:17 Tavern/Inn
0:19:19 Shop
0:23:52 Road to the Tower/Northern Highway
0:28:48 Before the Journey
0:35:41 Road to Toronto/Southern Highway
0:40:07 Town of Toronto
0:48:29 Natural Cavern/Underground Passage
0:57:31 Huge Roach/Cockroach Race
1:08:12 Site of Civilization/Ancient Ruins
1:11:24 Platinum Shrine
1:16:40 Unused Track
1:19:19 Road to Droog
1:25:22 Epilogue

One thought on “Brain Lord – PA90

  1. Nathan Daniels

    Oh, you guys!! I start talking about playing more SNES OSTs on your show, and you’ve already got it covered! The music in Brain Lord is really good! I hadn’t listened to the soundtrack before your episode, but I’ve got it my queue now. It reminds me a little of Barry Leitch’s work, in that the sound design is pretty uninspiring, but what Suzuki does with the compositions totally makes up for it. He takes ho-hum sounds and makes really good music with them.


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