Battle Squadron – PA42

By | December 1, 2015

Pixelated Audio - Video Game Music podcast and Retro Gaming Battle Squadron & Hybris on the AmigaBattle Squadron: The Destruction of the Barrax Empire! and it’s slightly less known older brother, Hybris, are arguably two of the best shooters on the Amiga. Right from the start, Cope Com knew how to make a challenging shooter that, in our opinion, is still fun to play today. And composers Paul van der Valk (Hybris) and Ron Klaren (Battle Squadron) deliver incredible music that is not to be missed!

Track List:
0:00:03 Intro – Battle Squadron
0:06:46 Title – Hybris
0:15:05 The Imploder 3.0 (Amiga Compression Software)
0:22:20 In Game – Hybris
0:33:47 In Game 2 – Hybris
0:40:04 Hiscore – Battle Squadron
0:53:39 Victory – Battle Squadron
0:59:14 In Game – Battle Squadron
1:10:57 Peace For My 64 (remixed by Dr.Future) at

Battle Squadron: The Destruction of the Barrax Empire! – Amiga composed by Ron Klaren
Hybris – Amiga composed by Paul van der Valk


8 thoughts on “Battle Squadron – PA42

    1. jbrunner

      Thanks NukeNinja! I totally agree with Bryan, not only do these games have amazing music but they need to be played!

  1. Erik Olson (@assend_dot_net)

    Battle Squadron!!! Awesome awesome music. So awesome, I made a tape of it to use for aerobics class in high school. I figured if I had to be in aerobics class, at least I could listen to that. Sadly, the tape was never used in class.

    1. jbrunner

      haha well now if you need to do some workouts you can take this episode on your phone…double nostalgia :P

  2. chasebethea

    Really enjoyed the music on this! I had no idea some of the sounds on the Amiga were similar to the GameBoy. It gave me a lot of great ideas. This game looks fun too!

    1. jbrunner

      The Amiga never stops amazing me…it would make sense why the Game Boy is the same for me. I can never get enough!


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