Aworg: Hero in the Sky – PA138

The most interesting thing about Aworg: Hero in the Sky is that it was released on Sega Meganet, an early online service and precursor to the Sega Channel. Released in 1991 by Sega, Aworg is a short and fairly unremarkable action game where you traverse a maze in a robotic suit that can fly around, dash, and push enemies away with its jet stream. The game is short, and can be beaten in about 20 minutes with practice.

The music is credited to “Bambi” whose real name is unknown, but they were most likely a member of Sega’s in-house sound team. It largely features early 90s piano house styled tunes and is more groove than anything, but catchy nonetheless. Enjoy what is perhaps our shortest episode ever.

Composed by “Bambi” (real credit unknown)

Track List:

  • 00:00 Title
  • 04:10 How to Play
  • 09:21 BGM
  • 15:02 Boss
  • 17:50 Ending Theme

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