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Imagine, if you will, a game that’s from an Amiga developer heavily influenced by the English rock band Sisters of Mercy. Add in some truly insane music coupled with artwork that’s both sexy and demonic in the style of an 80’s heavy metal album cover (sporting a naked demon right on the title screen). The game you would get is Astaroth: The Angel of Death developed by Eldritch the Cat with music by none other than Jochen Hippel.

Track List:
0:07:35 Title (Amiga)
0:18:20 Astaroth4-fast.mod – Remix by Estrayk
0:27:08 Game Over
0:35:28 Hi Score
0:48:23 Ingame
1:05:38 Title (Atari ST)
1:18:37 Astro 2003 – Remix by Evilman of Bronx (C64 6581)
1:20:51 Santamagochi – Two in One – DMA-Sc of Sector One (Atari ST)
1:24:41 Astaroth Remix – Groovykid
1:29:22 Astaroth – Title Remix – ACC:Xess (youtube)

Astaroth: The Angel of Death (1989, Amiga/Atari ST) composed by Jochen Hippel (Mad Max)

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8 thoughts on “Astaroth: The Angel of Death – PA61

    1. bmosley Post author

      i knew we probably were gonna butcher the name… my parents are dutch and would murder me for that too. ;)
      been checking out AudioPanicRoom and its amazing. much respect. thx for the catching the bug earlier too, i think we’ve fixed it.

  1. Gerry

    I really enjoyed this episode :-). I’m glad you mentioned Jochen Hippel’s style of converting tunes from the Atari ST to the Amiga. Honestly, I always was kind of disappointed that his Amiga conversions sounded to much like a chiptune.

    Is there a chance you do a tribute episode about Jochen Hippel, featuring his music for games by companies like Thalion (Amberstar, Wings of Death…), Eclipse Software (Lethal Xcess), Hewson, etc.?

    I run a fansite about Thalion, which includes a large section about Jochen Hippel. Check it out if you like (

    Keep up the good work!

    1. bmosley Post author

      Gerry, first off, glad you liked the show! and of course we want to do episodes on ALL of the above at some point. Thalion would be awesome since Prehistoric Tale is on our list anyways. :) Maybe we could have you on with us in the future to chat about it since you obviously know your stuff!

      Funny thing, when searching for remixes we came across your Hippel site and thats how we learned about a lot of the remixes. :)

      1. Gerry

        I just added a link to this podcast episode on my website. BTW, the episode artwork is really nice.

        >Maybe we could have you on with us in the future to chat about it since you obviously know your stuff!

        I’d love to. As I’m out of practice speaking English fluently and don’t use Skype, I could answer your questions by email or could send in audio submissions.

        1. audiopanicroom

          Haha, great site, good to see somebody archived all that stuff! I never knew they replaced the Hülsbeck sprite for the ST version of To Be On Top with a Hippel version, awesome! And I didn’t know Karsmakers wrote Hippel fanfiction either…

          While you are waiting for the PixelatedAudio version (it’s coming, right?), check out my Jochen Hippel tribute podcast:

          And a bonus video of the Thalion guys at work, probably early ’89, at some point you can hear an unfinished version of the Grand Monster Slam title theme:

          1. bmosley Post author

            audiopanicroom: i love around the 4:55 mark where he has to cover his ears from the sound. haha :)

            probably be a few episodes before we get to another Amiga game tho, gotta mix it up a bit but we can’t be away from paula for too long ;) highly recommend the Hippel tribute episode you did tho, got a lot of my favorites in one place!

  2. Chase Bethea

    Haha I hear you guys! I am listening and taking notes, always :)


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