Alex the Allegator 4 with Anders Svensson – PA124

Alex the Allegator 4 (aka Alex 4) is a freeware platformer released for PC, Mac, Linux and BeOS in 2003 by Free Lunch Design. Free Lunch Design was a small indie developer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, best known for their game Icy Tower. The company was started in 1998 by Johan Peitz with the goal of creating fun, high quality games with a focus on gameplay.

We’re excited to have the composer for the game Anders Svensson calling in from Sweden. Anders spent the early 2000s writing music for indie games in the lesser known early social internet. In the intervening years he’s devoted his energy to his acapella group Kvartetten DEO (Quartet DEO), whose wonderful music can be found at

Listen with us through the soundtrack to the fun and charming Alex 4, and a number of other tracks from the heyday of Free Lunch Design.


Track List:

All tracks composed by Anders Svensson unless otherwise stated

  • 0:00:06 Once I was an egg (Intro)
  • 0:00:35 Once I was an egg (Menu loop)
  • 0:09:22 Once I was an egg (Game Loop)
  • 0:24:24 Lola’s space fighter
  • 0:31:41 Man of Constant Sorrow (excerpt) – From Icy Tower
    • Original folk song published by Dick Burnett (1913)
  • 0:33:49 Gräddkola Entry for Compusphere 2005
  • 0:37:05 Once I was an egg (Boss Loop)
  • 0:41:58 Menu Loop – From CubeAttack (Go Bots!)
  • 0:45:22 Game Loop – From CubeAttack (Go Bots!)
  • 0:48:49 Zombies – From Zombiepox
  • 0:52:28 Ullared (excerpt) by Kvartetten Deo
  • 1:01:11 Once I was an egg (Intermission + Game Over)


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