Airport CEO with Sinephony – PA132

We’re joined once again by Swedish audio production team Sinephony, this time listening to the mellow jams from the 2017 game Airport CEO. The game is a tycoon and management sim from Swedish game developer Apoapsis Studios where you act as CEO of your own airport, in the tradition of games like Transport Tycoon and Sim Coaster. Airport CEO is currently available on Windows and Mac.

Sinephony is a multi-talented production team consisting of Daniel Rosenqvist and Anton Dromberg. They’ve worked on games like 198X, Planet Coaster, Elite Dangerous Horizons, commercials and even a few anime projects. Between the two of them, Anton and Daniel have a wealth of experience in audio production, composition and arrangement, and live performance. Anton has been a member of the Swedish Jazz scene for years and has toured all over the world. Daniel studied composition under former Konami and Square Enix composer Kenichiro Fukui, and also has experience with field recording, sound effects and mixing.

The music of Airport CEO is a stunning collection of breezy and jazzy tunes. It’s full of amazing live performances including Anton on keys & synth and Daniel on bass & synth, and we hope you enjoy the music.


All tracks composed by Daniel Rosenqvist and Anton Dromberg (Sinephony)

Track List:

  • 0:00:00 Like a CEO
  • 0:18:35 JFK Cadence
  • 0:35:40 Airport Elevator Pitch
  • 0:54:55 Aerodynamics


Links to the music:


Performers on the recording:

  • Violin/viola: Isabelle Andö
  • Cello: Erik Hamrefors
  • Percussion: Mischa Grind
  • Guitar: Simon Löfstedt
  • Bass/synth: Daniel Rosenqvist
  • Keyboard/synth/piano: Anton Dromberg
  • Double bass: Samuel Löfdahl
  • Trumpet: Calle Stenman
  • Trombone: Hampus T. Adami
  • Saxophone/clarinet: Robert Nevén

Post production by Willem Bleeker of Baggpipe Studios

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