Self Reflection: 3 Years of PA – PA85

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We’re taking a break… Don’t worry, just this week. :) In this episode, we got together for a bit to listen to how we started (episode 1) that was released just over 3 years ago now. We talk a little about the show, how we’ve changed, the way it’s produced, and the other additions as well. If you were expecting a normal episode, we do apologize but hope that you join in this mini retrospective on Pixelated Audio. – BRYAN & JAMES

2 thoughts on “Self Reflection: 3 Years of PA – PA85

  1. N.O.R.M.

    Very cool ep. Interesting to see the process and how good you guys progressed.

    I’m always impressed by James’ description of a song and Bryan’s knowledge of the systems and ability to communicate with composers. It’s really a great show and I’m glad I accidentally fell into it whole looking at shmuplations twitter feed.

    Some episodes are incredibly interesting and most composers seem excited to talk about their works. It’s a unique podcast that I’m sure, by listening to what you said, you are experiencing just as much as we, the listener, are.

    I’m hoping for continued success and a high listener count! Keep it going, guys!

  2. Nathan Daniels

    It’s funny; when you first started playing some of episode 1, I said to myself, “Wow, that IS pretty rough. I didn’t remember it being like that the first time I listened”…..but by the end of the first episode, it sounded like you two had already found your legs.

    It also reminded me of something you guys did a little in the beginning of the series, which was speculate. It’s a pet peeve of mine, and a reason why I don’t listen to some other podcasts. HOWEVER, I also realized that you guys haven’t done that for a very long time. The last time I remember hearing that speculation was on episode 60, when you guys were saying, “What must have been going through Otomi’s mind…..” I was thinking to myself, “Why are they asking? There’s no way to know that”, and then I realized it was because it was a setup and you were going to ask him personally moments later. Best surprise ever. :)

    And I was super impressed when we did the Herzog Zwei episode(my own personal favorite for obvious reasons), because I did my own research for that show, and the research notes you had compiled totally engulfed everything I had found, plus about 10 times more. PA is one of the only shows where I almost never find myself saying, “Man, I wish they would have mentioned _______”. You guys definitely know your stuff, and that is super impressive. I wish you the best for this show; you definitely deserve it.


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